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minnie_tabby's Journal

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Name: Minerva Anne McGonagall

Nicknames: Min. Which she hates.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: Numerically? 70. She doesn't act that way, nor look that way, though.

Birthday: October 18th

Wand: 14 in. ebony with phoenix feather.

Occupation: Transfiguration professor and part-time Animagi.

Affiliation: Dumbledore

Blood: Half (mum is wizard, father is muggle)

Education: Complete.

Height & Weight: 5 ft 10 and undisclosed weight.

Eyes & Hair: Long black hair and dark blue eyes

Build: She is tall and elegant, but is pretty strong.

Defining Marks: Tabby form, glasses, bun.

Dress Style: Dark emerald robes with a black dress underneath. Hair ALWAYS in bun and rectangular glasses.

Extovert/Introvert: Bit of both. She keeps to herself but knows when to stop something.

Goals/Dreams: See the Dark Lord defeated. Get away from Rolanda.

Likes: Reading, writing, being a teacher, cats (--;), dogs, learning, Quidditch (watching and playing) and chess.

Dislikes: Immaturity, stupidity, annoying people, bugs, any other team besides the Wigton Wanderers, messy handwriting, children who fall asleep in class, and troublesome children.

First Impression: She is usually very standoffish and 'snobby', but once she warms up a little it's pretty easy to see she could be a lot of fun...if she wanted to be.

Creativity: She writes and is rather artistic. There are a few paintings in her room that she's done herself, but other then that, not much.

Academic Strengths: She excells in pretty much everything.

Academic Weaknesses: If she hadn't studied like hell, Potions and History of Magic

Family: Sister, Ceres and brother, Cameron.